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South Shore residents enjoy a high quality of life anchored by strong communities.  However, we face challenges as our economy changes.  We believe that to preserve what we have, we must change where we are headed.

South Shore 2030 will succeed through the involvement of many business leaders and community partners throughout the region, including the South Shore Chamber of Commerce and South Shore Economic Development Corporation.

Living Spaces Needed by 2030 - that is only .4% growth over 20 Years
Capacity increase on the Red Line when upgrades are completed
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What does economic growth mean for me?

  • If a business: potential new business development or expanded workforce
  • If a resident: stronger tax base, likely higher property values and stronger local services. If a Boston commuter potentially newer career opportunities closer to home.

How will this help my business?

  • By expanding the region’s population and economic base there will be many new opportunities for existing businesses to benefit.
  • One part of the strategy to growing the economy though is helping our existing businesses become more successful. The Chamber and Economic Development Corporation are expanding the level of assistance that can be offered to existing small businesses.

Do I have to be a member of the Chamber to benefit?

Not for the broad benefits which include building stronger communities and attracting new businesses.  Everyone in the South Shore will benefit from the Chamber’s work.  Some of the business assistance programs are available only to members or to non-members at a higher cost.

How can I be involved?

Contact the Chamber.  The plan is being implemented through many different programs, committees, and scores of volunteer business professionals.  How people are involved varies based on their interests and current projects.

Will every town have to accept the plan?

No.  South Shore 2030 is a plan for the regional economic growth by drawing on different assets and opportunities throughout the region.

Will growth change my town?

The South Shore and individual communities will change with or without growth.  If we don not grow our percentage of younger residents and attract new businesses, we are likely to see a drop in local services and property values.  With growth we hope to strengthen local communities, partly by preserving some of the special qualities that make each town a little different.

Will growth strain local roads and infrastructure?

Yes.  However, part of the development plan anticipates this and calls for the business community to work with local state and federal officials to help solve those infrastructure problems.

Will residential growth increase local school costs?

That depends on the community.  Many communities are seeing declining enrollments which actually makes per pupil education costs higher and harder to support.  Communities with new growth may see some short-term marginal increase in education costs or see almost no cost impacts.

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